Well, first thing is first. I have tons of new writing I am working on. I'll be putting out the second installment in The Cafe Chronicles this month at some point, so stay tuned for that. Everything else is under wraps for the moment. I have so many ideas that it's been crazy long since I've done any site maintenance. (I really should con someone into doing this stuff for me.)

In other news, I am starting a t-shirt company. It's really only in the beginning stages at this point, but I'll be doing all the designing myself. I love t-shirts so I thought it would be a cool little endeavor.

I am still reviewing, but I'm on a bit of a hiatus right now while I focus my efforts elsewhere. The site is still being re-done for that so I'm going to remain on hiatus until that gets finished up. It's going to be totally rebranded, with a new name and website address! Very exciting!

And I'll try to keep writing on here every so often, in between my many endeavors I have going on right now.

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TTFN, readlings...