A Few Changes


First Up!

I've made some changes to my REVIEW site. I'm not charging for reviews. I think I'm just going to have a DONATIONS button so that people can support the site. It seems the better route to go. I really want to get as many submissions as I can, so I'm making it as open as possible. Donations are definitely encouraged, though!


This site here is going to get a mini-overhaul. My review site is looking all kinds of awesome right now, and I'm looking to transfer that awesome to my writing site. I think I'll make it similar to the review site, so that it feels like they're connected to each other without being outright identical. So, I'll probably work on that very soon.

Third (and final)...

I'm really tired of working my 9-to-5, so I'm thinking about freelancing on top of everything else I Gaming and Then Some, which he also has a website for. I am currently doing an editorial series on the site on the game Dark Souls II (super hard game to play). I also edit most of the reviews on the site, and even some of the press releases. So, with some actual experience under my belt, I think I can get a pretty respectable CV together.
have going on at the moment (reviewing, publishing my own work independently, etc...). I already freelance a little, but not for money. My husband has a podcast called

I just really want to be working on what I love to do full-time: writing and reading! And taking some freelance work would be a good way to start on that, no? I know the freelance world of writing can be a bit iffy, so I'm going to dive right in and see what's out there. Plus, I've been thinking about submitting some of my unpublished shorts to literary magazines (or, perhaps, doing some especially for literary mags!), so that could be exciting. It'll, at the very least, be good for exposure.

(I'll be steering clear of those freelancer sites, though. They're pretty much quicksand.)

So, that's what's going on in my neck of the woods. Later, my little readlings!

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