Silver Bullet Coming Soon

I've had a couple of setbacks in getting out my latest. But it's coming, I promise. Between setting up my reviews and working on a couple more projects that will be revealed in the future, I have had Silver Bullet, my current short story (and the second in The Cafe Chronicles), on the back burner for a bit. I've just now started to irk my way through it this week. And it's coming along nicely.

The thing I like about short stores is that they force you to get to the point pretty quickly. And in my mind, they are like the separate snapshots in a photo album. Take TV, for example. You have about 100 episodes and they all might have their own plot lines, but somehow those small plot lines add up to one that is larger.

So yeah... I'm working on Silver Bullet. It'll probably be a couple more weeks but it'll get done and then I can work on getting out my first full-length novel, Reaper. It's about a death goddess living in New Jersey. And it's been done for quite awhile although I've been keeping it tight to the chest. Time to let my baby fly.

In other news...

Reviews are open! And I've actually already started receiving requests! The posts on Reddit have given me some good exposure. I can't wait to read some of this stuff and get the reviews on them out there. It's been great going through all these inquiries. I've accepted quite a few so far. I'll need to set up a site solely dedicated to the reviews, so it'll probably be a little bit before I start posting, but not too long. Promise.

Fill out the form today. It's really easy and I swear that I don't take years to respond to you, whether I want to read your book or not.

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