Reviews Beta Ending April 30, 2014

Thanks again for all of the great inquiries that you have sent in. It was really thrilling to have so many people want my thoughts on their work. This past month as been all about creating a workable business model for my brand new fee-per-review service.

The turnout was amazing. So many independent authors have inquired about a review during my beta period, and I appreciate it. In the future, I want to make this site a hub for everything indie author, including running a reliable review service for not only writers but also the readers looking for new writers.

In addition to having reviews posted on my site, I will be offering additional posts of my review on other sites (if the author finds the review favorable) and simple cover art creation. Also, a quick turnaround is what I'll be shooting for, although that will obviously depend on the density of review orders.

You should really see how much other professional review services charge for reviews. Hundreds of dollars! So, I really wanted to bring an affordable, professional review service to independent authors. You know, something will not cost you your arms, legs, and first born! Basically, I based the pricing on word count and what I would be comfortable paying for a professional, honest, guaranteed review of my work.

I'll be updating the site after May starts to reflect the start of M. Harrison Reviews in May/June 2014.

I look forward to reviewing many more books.

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