2014 Asbury Park Comic Con (w/ pics!)

Hey Everybody,

It's been awhile! I've been working really hard to get some new writing published. But I thought I'd take a break today to check out Asbury Comic Con in Asbury Park, NJ with the hubby and a friend from Gaming and Then Some, you're source for news on practically everything entertainment. We wanted to hit up PAX this year, which is coincidentally happening right now as well, but we decided to go for next year. There just aren't enough days in the year to everything.

Anyway, it was great! I've posted some of the pictures I took. We saw a lot of amazing art (and bought a whole hell of a lot of it, but believe me when I say we barely scratched the surface). There were even some pretty cool costumes. I would've liked to stay at the beach for a little while but after a few hours, I was ready for a nap. (I think I'm getting old.)

Check out my pictures below...

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