Researching Bloggers For My Virtual Book Tour

NOTE: Skip to the bottom if you want to skip to the tip I came up with.

I'm finding that compiling a list of actively reviewing bloggers that review all book genres, or my particular sub-genres of choice, is harder than I thought it would be.

At first, I Googled "Kristen Ashley bog tour". I got a few blogs off of that, probably a total of thirteen. Not a bad haul. But I'm looking for at least a couple hundred blogs. I'm anticipating that most won't get back to me because they're busy reading other work from other authors. I'm also anticipating a certain percentage of bloggers not really interested in reading what I've written. I can't think about what percentage that would be, but hopefully not nearly as much as the busy ones.

Doing a search based upon whig blogs Kristen Ashley has been featured on, I learned something. I had to be a little more specific in my search. So next I tried "Fantasy book blogs". This yielded slightly worse results as I felt a lot of the reviews I was seeing on these blogs were of the high-concept fantasy variety, of which writing I do not partake of...yet.

So then I choose plain old "fiction review blogs". Amazingly, broadening my search gave me my best results so far. I've got a lot more to look through, but I also have a hearty list of bloggers/reviewers I'm really excited to contact! The list is nowhere near where I want it to be, but I can tell that exhausting these search results is going to get me there quickly. Then it'll be time to divide the blogs up by how I'll seek to be featured on their site (interview, review, story snippet, etc...).

Here's a gold mine that I found from Twain Wannabe to start you out on the right foot:

(some of the links are not working blogs anymore, so you'll need to sift through)


Do a broad search when looking for blogs to feature you or your work. Do you have a romance novel that you're looking to get some publicity for? Just search "romance blogs" or "romance book reviews". Don't bother with searching for sub-genres. It makes the search too niche and rules out a lot of sites that may still want to review your book. It's a lot more work, finding the right site, but you won't be complaining about quality results, that's for damn sure!

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