Planning A Blog Tour: A Novice Attempt

So, as you know from my last blog post, I am learning from the masters. My "master" is Kristen Ashley, author of my favorite series right now: The Rock Chick Series. Taking a tip from how a lot of authors, I have decided to go on tour!

Not the kind of tour that I go around to bookstores and sign books for all of my adoring fans. No. I'm going on a blog tour. That's when an author goes around the net to different blogs. Every day, a different blogger will feature the author on their site. This feature can include a brief write-up on the author's most current release, an interview, a review of the release, and even a giveaway.

Now, I started out by Googling "blog tours" to see what came up. I remember reading somewhere that there are companies that can set this kind of thing up for you. But they usually cost money that I don't have to spend. So I thought: "Why not do it myself?"

That's where I am now. I'll reveal my strategy.

1. Google "blog tour".
2. Gather blogs that have hosted authors during a blog tour.
3. Contact blogs to gauge willingness to host a stop in my own blog tour.
4. Hopefully, I will get more than one blog tour stop host, allowing my blog tour to reach a medium to large audience.
5. Conduct blog tour successfully.

BAM! (And that's how it's done! ...I hope.)

NEXT UP: Tales from the 2014 Philadelphia Auto Show.

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