Learning From The Masters

I'm doing some research on marketing my work. I suck at it, so I need all the help I can get. Here's a quick tip I found on a site called SlideShare (slideshow created by AmyDeb):

"Immerse yourself in studying and analyzing how best-selling Amazon authors do things. The best lesson is seeing a strong example. Make note of tactics and tips that work well on you -- then see if these would work well on your books."

So, I decided to take a look at what my own favorite author does with her work: Kristen Ashley. I'm sure she has representation, as she tends to tour outside of the USA, but I wanted to look at the things she does online to get her work out there.

  1. She maintains a website. (Well, not exactly, because I'm pretty sure she has someone who takes care of that for her. Still an awesome tool.) I found that KA maintaining the website allowed me instant access to everything KA! And that's a great thing for a reader, no?
  2. KA has a presence on social media. I, myself, stalk her on Twitter and Facebook. (jk, lol...kinda *sigh*) We've exchanged words, which really excited me from a purely fanatic standpoint. Also, there's something to be said to connecting with those who appreciate your work.
  3. Lastly, KA does book tours, not only in person but also online. Here's an example of one on Swept Away By Romance for her title, Broken Dove. These blog tours put a spotlight on the book she's promoting. It includes a description of the story, the blogger's thoughts on the story, and some information on the author.
I'm sure there's much more to it, but I think these steps are a good start for me, a lowly nobody writer.  I think I'll start with a blog tour of sorts. Just not really sure how to do that.

Any ideas?

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