What's Up Next?

Hey, peeps!

Happy New Year and new things are coming!

I'm currently working on the next part of The Cafe Chronicles. I'm not releasing any information on it just yet, but Yura Helsinny is in deep with The Organization. What's her next job going to be? You'll have to stay tuned to see.

I also have a short story series that I will be releasing on Wattpad exclusively before publishing on internet e-book retailer sites through Smashwords. It's a series titled "Diary of a Murderess". It's kind of twisted and features a really amoral main character who is the definition of the word vigilante. The first part of the series is "Gotham".

I'm sure I'll have some awesome cover art to show off when I have the stories done. (Well, actually, "Gotham" has cover art already done, but I'm not letting it go yet.)

In other news... I am very diligently working on developing a new full-length novel. I have one finished that I have not done the last read-through of, so it's going to have to wait for a couple months. More information on that one soon. But this new novel is still in its beginning stages. Not much to tell other than I'm trying to add more humor to my writing in this book. Not sure how it'll work out, but you'll let me know, won't you?

It's 2014, guys. Let's do something great!

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