Next: The Cafe Chronicles #2

Hey, peeps!

Just updating you all on what's going on in M. Harrison Land!

Today, I will be starting the next short story for The Cafe Chronicles short story series. I had contemplated writing a full-length novel for the next story, but then decided that Yura's stories will be primarily short stories. It just feels right.

I can't wait to share the next part of her journey with you all. I'll keep it interesting, I swear. I'll keep the new cover art under wraps until it is time to publish in a few days. I'm going to try to get this done by Friday, so I will give the cover image up on Friday morning.


I am currently searching for a new blog look. I'm looking for that forever-look. That's the rub, you guys. It's hard to find something that is good for a writer. I may want to convert it all to a website, with a blog included so I can transfer my posts to it. That way, I can offer my books for download on my site. It'll all be in one place, no searching around! Do you see how much I love you, readlings?

Anyway, that's in the works... So one day you'll probably tune in and see the blog looking different. And that may happen a few times before it settles. Don't freak. I'm working on it.

So, just remember... You're awesome, I'm awesome, and together we can be awesom(er).

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