Review: Jagged by Kristen Ashley

Hey ya'll! I'm back with a review of one of my favorite author's books. Kristen Ashley writes the a few of my favorite series. She actually just released a book for her Colorado Mountain Series. A book I pre-ordered months in advance. That's how much I love her writing.

Anyway, the fifth book in the Colorado Mountain series is titled Jagged. This is my review.

Jagged by Kristen Ashley (cover)

Here's the blurb from Amazon:
When Graham Reece becomes the victim of the sick man obsessed with his ex-lover and finds himself the recipient of a hatchet blow to the shoulder, Reece rethinks the way he led his life and the women he let slip through his fingers. 

As the traveling man recovers from a hatchet wound, he's forced to sort through the string of casual relationships he's had, and the woman he kept on the back burner, Zara Cinders. He heated things up with Zara only when he swung through town. 

Or when she needed him. 

And he knows she's a good woman who could make him happy. But more, he's found it's time to end his aimless life and devote it to making her happy. So the minute he's released from protective custody, he heads back to Gnaw Bone to do just that. 
But while Reece has made his decision, Zara's thought on her life too. And her life isn't going all that well. She needs to focus on that downward spiral and stop focusing on men like Graham Reece…or any men at all. 

What I thought:
As always, Kristen Ashley always writes a great male lead. I always seem to fall in love with her macho, alpha-male characters that are the counterparts to the main female role. Graham "Ham" Reece is absolutely no exception to the rule. He's a big bear of a man, possessive, and all kinds of hot! The chemistry between Zara Cinders and him was great! 

I am so addicted to her more action-packed stories (especially those from her Rock Chick series) that this particular one didn't do it for me as much as others do. Don't ask me why but her plot formula just works for me! The tamer nature of this plot was nice, but I was left wanting more. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen, and it just didn't.

So I'm going to have to give this one 4 stars out of 5, personally. It would have definitely gotten that last star with some action.

Have you read Jagged? What did you think?

Read a teaser for Jagged HERE (very bottom of the page).

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