Once Upon A Time

Netflix is good for one thing for me: BINGE-WATCHING TELEVISION SHOWS.

Currently, I'm watching ONCE UPON A TIME on my Xbox 360's Netflix app. I watched the first few episodes when it initially aired, but I stopped because I lost interest. That was two seasons ago. I started seeing the new TV spots a few weeks ago and it got me interested again. So, now I'm on Netflix watching as many episodes as I can. The new season has already started, so I should be ready to start watching in a couple weeks.

Honestly, I can hardly believe I stopped watching this show. It's right up my alley. I think the "slow" episode caught me at a bad time so I just dropped the show, as I am wont to do. I do that a lot.

So, that's what I'm doing with my day off. What are you doing this weekend?

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