I Dream of Prolificacy

Lately, yours truly has been debating whether or not to publish independently or to get an agent. I like being in control of my writing, but there are certain perks that come with having an agent, I would guess. There's someone to help me get published with an established publishing house. The advances that one could get is nothing to shake a stick at.

On the other hand, I'd have complete creative control from the jump (a consideration most new writers probably don't receive). Sure, I'd have to pay for cover art or make it myself, but that's not a huge hardship. I already have editing down.

And writing tons of stories will make all the difference. I plan on writing three to four projects a year. I want to accumulate a large amount of novels so readers have a lot to choose from. I'm not sure the traditional publishing process allows for a quick output of work. There seems to be so many levels to it. I'm goods on that.

So what about you? Agent or indie?

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