Juicing: Day 1


So my husband and I are both overweight and out of shape. We starting doing some research of healthy living and came across juicing. After weeks of research on some successful lifestyle changes, we decided to give juicing a chance. My husband is actually disabled, so he's not able to exercise traditionally like I can. So juicing presented a great way to replace meals with a nutritional alternative.

I'm also doing some light cardio six times a week to help detox and burn calories. I have an extreme addiction to sugar, salt, and just pretty much every food bad for me. I don't plan on giving them up completely but I do want to flip the ratio of good foods to bad foods in my diet. Hopefully, I'll have some healthy alternatives to keep my wandering eyes from looking at the cakes and pies and the tacos and the burgers... (You get the picture.)

Today is the first day that we juiced. The picture accompanying this blog is of my first juice. (I failed to take a pic of my own in my pretty glass so I borrowed one.) I did apple, celery, and carrot. It was...different. Not bad. Not terribly exciting. Healthy, though. Really healthy.

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