Beets Me!

I had my first taste of beets about a week or so ago. It was horrible. (Note: Never let mys husband make the juice again.) Beets basically taste like dirt, which is hilarious since they come directly from the ground, so my first encounter with them (paired with my husband's acute inability to choose complimentary juice ingredients...EVER) was not good.

So a couple days ago I decided to make the juice myself. (Actually, I was forced into it by that husband of mine, because I was NEVER going to drink those beets again...fuck 'em). I looked up some stuff on juicing recipes with beets in them. There are a lot, in case you were wondering.

So, four oranges, one beet, and two carrots later, I was drinking the concoction I had found on the internet. I have to say, it still tasted like diry - sweet dirt - but it went down a whole lot easier with the addition of the oranges and carrot (two of my faves, by the way). So, lesson learned. Beets suck.

Class over, people...

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