I had my first taste of beets about a week or so ago. It was horrible. (Note: Never let mys husband make the juice again.) Beets basically taste like dirt, which is hilarious since they come directly from the ground, so my first encounter with them (paired with my husband's acute inability to choose complimentary juice ingredients...EVER) was not good.

So a couple days ago I decided to make the juice myself. (Actually, I was forced into it by that husband of mine, because I was NEVER going to drink those beets again...fuck 'em). I looked up some stuff on juicing recipes with beets in them. There are a lot, in case you were wondering.

So, four oranges, one beet, and two carrots later, I was drinking the concoction I had found on the internet. I have to say, it still tasted like diry - sweet dirt - but it went down a whole lot easier with the addition of the oranges and carrot (two of my faves, by the way). So, lesson learned. Beets suck.

Class over, people...
Ok, so I never thought I'd be saying this, but I have too many ideas coming out of this head of mine.

Any other time it would be great, but I'm trying to focus on one story and I can't seem to focus. NaNoWriMo seems to be bringing out the best of the best in me. Go figure. Maybe I should have my own writing months to keep this thing going.

Even now, I can feel my brain trying to figure out how exactly to fit all of these stories into a writing rotation! It's maddening to be so excitable.

In other news, I have about three plots I am currently bouncing around in my head. I'll probably have more by the time I post again. I'm thinking I'll just go ahead an pick out of a hat if I haven't settled on one by October. I still need time to outline and build after all.

So, is anyone else participating in NaNoWriMo this year?
I've been busy working on a new blog look for North Side because I need something that is as user-friendly as this one, but with more content. For some reason, I can't get my pages to work on Blogger. It may be the template I have on right now, or it might be the site. Either way, mama thinks it's time for a change. So, a BRAND NEW look is coming at you by next week at the latest.

Along with the new look, will be more content. Now, it all won't be added right away. It's going to take some time to build up. I plan on offering some short stories, for one. My full length novels will be available soon, and I'll have descriptions and links up for those.

You can also expect some additional items for sale. What could I possibly have to sell? You'll just have to see...
I DO NOT GET IT... Just...why???

It's the second day of my juicing days. It's pretty nice to wake up and have a nice nutritious drink. It gives me an extra boost if energy in the morning. The juicer I use is a little loud so I'm not sure about doing it early in the morning before I go to work. 

But it's going well. I've decided that I don't particularly love the taste of celery juiced so I won't be doing that very often. I do, however, love kale. Who knew? This week was the first time I ever had it, and juiced no less!

Watched a lot of football, had some cool drinks, and now I'm binge-watching Vampire Diaries anticipating the upcoming season start in October. Cheers!

So my husband and I are both overweight and out of shape. We starting doing some research of healthy living and came across juicing. After weeks of research on some successful lifestyle changes, we decided to give juicing a chance. My husband is actually disabled, so he's not able to exercise traditionally like I can. So juicing presented a great way to replace meals with a nutritional alternative.

I'm also doing some light cardio six times a week to help detox and burn calories. I have an extreme addiction to sugar, salt, and just pretty much every food bad for me. I don't plan on giving them up completely but I do want to flip the ratio of good foods to bad foods in my diet. Hopefully, I'll have some healthy alternatives to keep my wandering eyes from looking at the cakes and pies and the tacos and the burgers... (You get the picture.)

Today is the first day that we juiced. The picture accompanying this blog is of my first juice. (I failed to take a pic of my own in my pretty glass so I borrowed one.) I did apple, celery, and carrot. It was...different. Not bad. Not terribly exciting. Healthy, though. Really healthy.
I've been thinking of branching out a little more, genre-wise, with my reading. I have a comfort zone that I like to stick with when I'm looking for some words to consume. I'm really into historical romance. Contemporary romance is a favorite as well. Anything with hunky alpha males and funny heroines is a-okay with this gal. Paranormal romance stories are a particular treat when done right.

But this last two quarters of the year will be me mixing in some genres I might not have considered before. USA Today recently listed the 30 coolest books this season. Let's just say that my inner-reader is shuddering because of this newfound goal. But I'm graciously consoling her with the silver-lining: falling in love with other genres means more books to discover and consume. So she seems happy enough to let me try to widen our palette.

The book I'll start with is on USA Today's list: 'Five Days at Memorial' by Sheri Fink.

It's always interesting starting on a new project. My problem is that I usually lose interest a short time after. This year I am committing to participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). It is definitely going to be a time. I have support from my husband and my best friend, so maybe if I keep saying I'll do it then I'll be guilted in to not quitting.

If I am being completely truthful, I have only really finished one full-length novel. I do have a couple short stories and a butt load of poetry from when I wan younger. But I'm disinclined to think of those as really big deals.

Maybe that's the key... I should go for writing a short story. If I really wanted to jazz November up, I could tell a complete story with poetry. Fifty-thousand words...

NaNoWriMo here I come!